Saturday, October 31, 2009

Literary crush

Here is a cool blog I found:
In one post, the writer asked for questions she could answer in her next post, and here is one of them, the one I liked the most. I thought I'd give it a try and answer it.

Your two biggest literary crushes show up on your doorstep ready to sweep you off your feet. Who do you go with and why?

Looking through my bookshelf, I went through the most important guys of my favourite books...
Some of them are: the perfect Edward Cullen, from Twilight, David Copperfield, from the book of the same name, Mr Darcy, from Pride and prejudice, and Farid, from Inkheart.
Edward Cullen is such a "cliched" character, the most perfect of perfection, that he turns boring. He doesn't have many evident bad qualities, everything about him is just great, so there is nothing to fight for, nothing to change, nothing to worry about... And although he is tempting, he is not very interesting, and too perfect to be true, that he lacks of realism.
David Copperfield is a character very well described throughout Dicken's story. We get to know him since the very moment he was born to the middle of his manhood, so we have a very full knowledge about his self. I would like to say I would go out with him, and I could fall in love with him, because I consider him to be intelligent, sensible and sympathetic, and a good man above all. I believe I could find him attractive, although he is not top of my list.
Mr Darcy is a hated character from the beginning of the novel, for Jane Austen makes the reader feel what Elizabeth feels about him right away. However, I do like him very much, he is the kind of person one would seldom quarrel with, he is quite chivalrous, but for sure, very tender and loving. I would fall in love with him as well, but I think I'd rather be his sister Georgiana than his wife.
Farid is a character you don't give anything for when he's first mentioned. He's just called 'a guy', and nothing more. Nevertheless, he's one of the most important characters of the book, even more of the book #2. He is a thin, arabig boy of about 15 who was a helper of the 40 thieves of the legendary tale. Therefore, he doesn't speak a word, and he is very shy. He is very simple, but I believe he is cunning, and very wise. I'd rather have him for a date than the others.

What do you think? What would you answer to the prompt question?

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Roni @ FictionGroupie said...

THanks for the mention. I think I was following one of your other blogs and not this one. I will change that. I like your picks for your crushes. :)