Saturday, December 27, 2008

= )

Wow! This is so great!
I have a new keyboard, which Armando gave mum and me for Christmas... It is so smooth and soft to write with, I'm so happy! (The previous one was as hard as stone, and some letters wouldn't work properly...)
Now I feel so much like writing!
But I have nothing to write about, I just have this great longing to use this new keyboard, which by the way came with its own mouse.
To press these small buttons that have printed little white letters (it is black) is so smooth and comfy! = )

So, I just have to say... THANKS ARMANDO!

PS: Lollipop is the most grateful of us! "¿¡QuĂ© tiene que ver lo blanco con la sopa!?" BTW, great phrase.

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