Saturday, December 27, 2008


[This is something I wrote in a free period at school some months ago, when I was desperate for writing on my blogs and all I had at hand was a piece of paper and a pencil.]

It's easy to describe the concept of boredom, wether or not experienced.
Boredom is the not having something to do, or the having but not the wanting to. I've experienced boredom so many times, and I have no choice but to regret that.
Due to our lack of time, feeling boredom should be avoided, though, given that we are living beings, and taking into account our human nature, boredom is unavoidable, as we can't have the wanting to do something all the time. Also, we can have the wanting but not the elements, as it's happening to me now, that I'm in a free period at school, my clasmates are playing cards and I'm in need of my blog to write and write and write.
So we could define boredom as the lack of wanting or of having something to do, which might, too, be 'sujeto' to circumstances*, such as not having the elements to do something.
The kind of boredom I'm experiencing right now is the kind of needing to do somwething but not having the elements to do so, and it's difficult, because I have stuff to do, but I just have one thing on my mind: my need to express something deep inside of me by writing and writing and writing.
Nevertheless, boredom, in all types, must be put up wth, for we need to learn to deal with it without reaching desperation, and we need to start, if not enjoying it, accepting boredom, being boredom something natural, necessary and healthy.

*I keep on trying to express myself, thankfully, really a little bit, in Spanish...

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