Sunday, November 23, 2008

Expressing in English

My talking English is by no means compalsory; nobody tells me to write this blog in Enlgish, for example. I could much more easily write in Spanish, my native language, for I guess in this 14 years of life I've heard its words more. It's my liking of the beautiful language, my seeking of the learning and my need of those magnificent words that impulses me to express myself in English.
Of course I could express myself in Spanish:

Es decir, ¿cuán más difícil puede ser expresarse en la lengua materna de uno? No, lo que a mí me impulsa a expresarme en es idioma tan hermoso es eso mismo, el idioma. Y es que he conocido, a lo largo de estos cortos catorce años a muchísime gente que me ha mostrado la riqueza con que el inglés cuenta. Y algunos de ellos son: Miss Vicky, Chris, Mary, Andy, Little Romi, the great singer y my dear V. Pero los dos más importantes: Palmerita y the special guy, the 'dream lover'.

As you can see, and as I have just realised, words seem to flow easier in Spanish, though I found myself trying to write in Spanish but thinking in English. That's another issue: 70% or even 80% of my thoughts are in English, and that's so cool! = )

Así que, for I think in two languages (Enlgish predomina) this is kind of my thoughts. Spanglish, as Palmerita would say, pero con muchísimo más inglés que español.

Hope you've liked my trying to organise my thoughts on the subject, this was hard. And maybe you found it dull, and in that case, I'm truely sorry, but I REALLY felt I had to write this down.

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