Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Grandpa reminiscences

This is an old comment I made at "A Writer's Voice", a blog I follow.She mentioned remembering her grandpa's speaking voice, and the particular sound it made. That brought back recollections about my grandpa:
WOW! Your story is so cute! Your stories are always very cute... = )
I'm amazed at how much that story looks like mine.
My grandpa is kinda in coma now, always lying on a bed at my granny's house and using a special machine to breathe and 'eat'. Before, he also used a special devise to be able to talk, as he has a tube inside of his throat. He made a strange sound when speaking, too.
But what reminded me of my story was that you missed so much the sound of his voice. One of the things I miss the most is his smell: he used to wear a special brand of perfume I'm never gonna forget. The other day I was buying some stuff at a random shop, when a middle-aged man joined the kinda cue that had formed behind of me. I has thrilled: he wore the exact scent my grandpa used to wear! I tried to inhale as much as I could, it smelled exactly as my grandpa! When the man left, I felt a strange feeling of emptyness, as I miss that smell so much! = (

When I remember his scent, I can't avoid smiling, for I miss him, but at the same time, I now know he's at a better place now. And I know that, someday, I'll see him again, so I just have to wait. =)
Thanks again for your post, it made me smile.

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