Friday, November 21, 2008

What could it mean?

HEY! I've come across another coooooooool blog in which you have to invent a meaning for the little coloured word given when you have to post a comment...

Here are some of my answers to the posts:

(adj.) Able to avoid oxid.
Great oxystod kasserolle you could buy for just US$ 19.99, and if you call now you will get a smaller one free!

Nickname for 'Leopoldo', 'Leopold' in English.
Have you seen that blue T-shirt Poldo was wearing today?

(Derived from Lucyland) (tr.v.) To throw a shower, meaning to take a shower suuuuper quickly.
"Lucy, aren't you coming?" "In a minute, I have to shrou and I'll be right back"

(noun) A copy of a well known brand of cookies in
Arg. (Manon) "What are you eating? 'Manon' cookies?" "No, these are new, they're called 'Manone'..."

coldrom:(noun)A bedroom that is cold or cool, and is good for sleeping in Summer.
After realising the night was going to be unbearably hot, Mike decided to sleep in his coldrom.

paterop:(noun)New kind of rope used to fasten ponytails.
Mum tied my hair using this new paterop she bought for me.

fianych:(noun) A French fancy 40s dress.
Carrie was wearing a dark blue velvet fianych.

bellymp:(noun)A crocodile or alligator's belly.
They found the adventurer's watch inside of the croc's bellymp.

leati:[Le-ah-TEE] (noun) Carnivorous mammal, with grey and red fur and a long tail with black strings, from the family of the Central and South American "coatí".
The Leati they saw at the zoo wasn't as big as they expected it to be.

regatess: [Derived from Spanish] (noun) A woman that bargains.
The regatess got the best fruits for the lowest cost.

selychin: [SELL - e - chin] (adj) Used to describe a salesman/woman who lies in order to sell expensive but low quality products.1
The man in that TV advertisement is such a selychin!

nessemd: (adj) Someone who is nessemd is stubborn and doesn't believe what others say.
"Will she give us our ball back?" "No, miss Wenworth is a complete nessemd; she doesn't believe we didn't intend to break her glass."

perstnem: [perst-NEM] (noun) An archnemesis which is very persistent.
Sherlock Holmes wouldn't have fallen from the
Reichenbach Falls if professor Moriarty hadn't been such a perstnem.

catestsp [Being catest from a word and sp from another one; CATEST-sp] (noun) Contraction of "Catest" and "Spanish". A special test given in middle-school to test Spanish.

"Have you already taken your catestsp?" "No, I'm in Elementary school".

menati [MEN-ah-tee] (noun) An African hip-moving type of dance.
They were thrilled by the joy showed by the Africans when dancing the menati.

dysterm [dis-TERN] (noun) A new Japanese electronic devise that regulates or disables temperature.
The oven's temperature was easily regulated by the new dysterm we bought.

gymnisti [gym-NEES-tee] (noun) The science of gymnistics.
Sarah told me she wanted to study the history of gymnisti.

billume [BILL-um] (noun) A new, pink and blue coloured type of flower.
Mary was cultivating some billumes in her garden.

chies [CHIS] (noun singular: chy) Special seeds for geen tomatoes.
He spread the chies all aroun the garden.

velesse [ve-LESS] (noun derived from French) A very beautiful little girl or young woman.
Sitting at the audience, Roberto looked at the runway and, seeing a young model, exclaimed "velesse!"

(noun) A relly small net to fish little fishes.
The fishermen had lost their rencishes so they had to fish bigger fishes.

pirfi (Derived from Spanish) Slang for 'please'.
Would you lend me some money, mom?

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