Monday, November 23, 2009

Reading vs. watching

Hey! Sorry I’ve not been writing for a while, I was just overwhelmed by my exams. I promise it won’t happen again, LOL.

I came across a cool post at Roni’s blog about reading a book before or after watching the movie based on it. I commented on the post as follows:

I am and have always been a read first person. I believe that if you watch a movie before reading its book you lose the chance to experience the reading.

When you read, you create a world based on what the writers tell you, but it is yours, it's in your head and therefore it is susceptible to your thoughts, your beliefs and your mood. For example, when the writer describes a house as white, your subconscious imagination may turn it black, just because YOU don’t see it that way.

Also, when I read a book after watching its movie, I fail to get the experience of creating that world, of imagining my own characters, and start seeing things the way they’re shown in the movie. That’s what happened with Harry Potter, for instance. I don’t even remember how I used to imagine the school, or even the main characters… When I read the books now, they just look and act like the actors. That is why I prefer reading before watching, so as to keep the excellent experience of imagining, which, after all, is what reading is all about.

After all, I seriously believe you, as a reader, finish writing the story when you read it.

So what do you think? Do you prefer reading before or after watching? Do you agree with the statement about finishing to write the story ourselves?


Roni @ FictionGroupie said...

Thanks for the mention and for commenting on the post. I'm definitely a read first girl.

Anonymous said...

Oh I definitely like to read first. You can fit so much more into a book then you can a movie that in a movie some of the magic found in the book is lost.